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Manzanita Micro  

The Mk 3 Rudman Regulator

Mk3 Digital Regulator

          Voltage controlled bypass regulator with digital interface.

These are a feature laden digital version of the standard Mk2 Rudman Regulators. The Mk3 digital regs allow the user to simply connect to a computer and read the actual battery voltage of the regulator. Additionally, the user can read the temperature of the regulator itself to see how hard it is working and one can hook up an extra temperature sensor to read temperature of the battery as well. With an easy to use ASCII command structure the user can adjust the low voltage set point as well as the high voltage regulation set point and a host of other regulator functions.

   Protect your advanced lead acid AGM batteries from over voltage conditions. Modern AGM type batteries fail to equalize their charging voltages when charged in a series string. A Rudman Regulator on each 12 volt battery or block of batteries will protect them from over voltage damage during the last phase of a charge cycle.

   The easiest way to maintain a equal charge on any single battery during a charging cycle is to regulate it's voltage. If all the batteries in your series string are at the same voltage during the Float stage of charging, then they will be equalized as much as possible. AGM type batteries capacity vary during manufacture, and they tend to get out of equalization during use during heavy EV cycling. The first battery to "fill Up" has a higher resistance and then robs the other batteries of the charging current that they need to be totally charged. Then during discharge the same happens to the first battery to be completely empty. So some batteries get damaged from over voltage and thermal, and some get damaged from cell reversal and never fully charged. An AGM string has very little "give" to it while finish charging. A battery bypass regulator gives the string the "give" it needs to protect the first to get full, and to pass the unneeded power along to the batteries that still are charging.

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$200.00 for the first regulator.


USB to EVILbus converter (dongle).

$75.00 each additional regulator


MSDOS executeable (link)
QBASIC source code (link)
Example csv file (link)
Instructions (future link)

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